Virtual Tour de France 2020: Live Stream, TV, Schedule and Route info

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Virtual Tour de France 2020 live

The Virtual Tour de France is hitting your screen as the professional cyclists from around the world as the response to the outbreaks which make the event postponed or cancelled.

The top cyclists will take part in the landmark first ever virtual event namely Virtual Tour de France which takes place this weekend.

The Virtual Tour de France is one of the most spectacular events before the real event happens this September. Zwift, a renowned fitness app has organized the virtual event and has been drawing enormous attention from the cycling fans around the world to make the participation and watch the entire virtual event live on their favorite screen.

The Virtual Tour de France 2020

The Virtual Tour would begin on Saturday 4th July. The organizers set the event across three consecutive weekends. So, you won’t need to worry if you miss the first tour on July 4th July, you will be able to watch the next shows in three weekends in the future.

There will be one stage per day. Meanwhile, the final episode of the event will take place on 19th July.

Each stage will kick off at 2pm local time. If you are living in another country, you might want to convert it to your own local time.

Stage (Man/Women)CETPDTAUS
Stage one – women15:0006:0023:00
Stage one – men16:0507:0500:05
Stage two – women15:0206:0223:02
Stage two – men16:0707:0700:07
Stage three – women14:4705:4722:47
Stage three – men15:5206:5223:52
Stage four – women14:4705:4722:47
Stage four – men15:5206:5223:52
Stage five – women14:5305:5322:53
Stage five – men15:5806:5823:58
Stage six – women14:5005:5022:50
Stage six – men15:5506:5523:55

Since it is the visualization version of the real event, the stage time will be relatively shorter than the standard time of the tour. However, the audiences will be enjoying the iconic scenes completely from the beginning to the end.

As we know, the real version of the Tour de France has been pushed back by the organizers to August, 29th. The audiences were upset but had no choice other than waiting for the moment of truth. Virtual Tour de France will give you a heads up about the predictions, and more about “what if” situations.

Virtual Tour de France Schedule

  • Saturday 4 July, stage one: Nice, 36.4 km (4 x 9.1km, hilly stage)
  • Sunday 5 July, stage two: Nice, 29.5 km (682m of ascent, mountain stage)
  • Saturday 11 July, stage three: north-east France, 48km (flat stage)
  • Sunday 12 July, stage four: south-west France, 45.8 km (2 x 22.9km laps, hilly stage)
  • Saturday 18 July, stage five: Mont Ven-Top, 22.9km (finish at Chalet-Reynard, mountain stage
  • Sunday 19 July, stage six: Paris, Champs-Élysées, 42.8km (six laps of the circuit, flat stage)

The real Tour De France 2020 reschedules in Sat, Aug 29, 2020 – Sun, Sep 20, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check here to get info about Tour De France 2020 live stream.

How to Watch Virtual Tour de France 2020 Live Stream Online?

You can stream the Virtual Tour de France 2020 worldwide via the Zwift website. It is not on the TV channels so you don’t need to turn your TV on to seek it. Zwift officials claimed that they are doing their best to make it as accurate as possible. But because of the virtual things, it is safe to assume that you expect this spectacle as the “demonstration” of the real thing. But the best thing is that you can watch it through Zwift for free!

NBC Sports Gold is the best option for USA viewers. FloBikes is the best option for Canadian. Watch Virtual Tour de France 2020 live online from UK via Eurosport Player, Sky, Virgin Media, BT and through Amazon Prime.

You can watch Virtual Tour de France 2020 live stream free from below:

If you face any Geo restriction problem we recommended ExpressVPN to get Virtual Tour de France 2020 live stream free online from anywhere including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPads, tablets, Smart TVs, Fire TV Stick, etc.

Here are TV Channel and broadcaster list of Virtual Tour de France 2020:

Worldwide: Zwift website
Europe: Eurosport & GCN
Denmark: TV2 Sport
Norway: TV2 Sport/TV2 Sumo
France: Francetvsport
Belgium Walloon: RTBF – digital
Belgium Flemish: VRT één
Netherlands: NOS – digital
Portugal: RTP2
Spain: Teledeporte or digital
USA: NBC Sports Gold
Canada: FloBikes
Sub-Saharan Africa: Supersport
Australia: SBS
Japan: J Sports
Asia/Pac: Eurosport Asia & GCN
New Zealand: SKY Sport

The Route

The route will start from Watopia’s Hilly Route. This will be four laps on the app’s signature course which will showcase to the audiences the amazements of the hills and accents.

In the finishing, the Champs Elysees will be the place that closes the virtual tour de france on 19th July later. the cyclists will race through Paris with the great companions of the fireworks and the presentations.

Stage 1 – Watopia’s Hilly Route

It would take place on Saturday, 4th July. The participants of the event will be competing in the hilly course. It will be a refreshing one because you can see the wide array of sceneries and escape to challenge the cyclists before they can sprint to finish the stage 1 on the 300m flat surface.

Stage 2 – Watopia’s Mountain Route

It would take place on 5th July. Here is where the stakes could get higher. The physics of cyclists will get challenged by the different surfaces and the mountains. The riders will climb for 5.8 miles at the 3.9 percent gradient. But that’s only the beginning of the challenge.

Then there is the next challenge called Radio Tower Climb. It comprises 13.7 percent gradient although the length is just 0.7 miles. From this virtual version, you’ll be able to see how the riders struggled against these challenges.

Stage 3 – R.G.V.

It will take place on Saturday, 11th July. It is where you will be able to enjoy the French maps overly. The organizers have designed the specific maps in order to take the centre of the stage for the rest of the virtual tour.

Rather than nature challenges, the challenges are the competitors here because the riders must use their speed to win. There will be tons of sprints and dashes that will wow the special moments.

Stage 4 – Casse-Pattes

It would happen the next day on Sunday 12th July. The intensity of this stage is pretty much like R.G.V. This course is quick. The flats are the main course of this stage.

Then in the final third, there will be the challenge from the hill. In this case, the riders must reserve their energy to make the play.

Stage 5 – La Reine

La Reine stage will happen on Saturday 18th July. It is not about the flats anymore. At this occasion, the riders will face the challenges of the bumpy roads in the opening miles. There will be a gradual ascent that challenges the capability of the riders. The finish will be at the top.

Stage 6 – Champs Élysées

This last stage will take place on Sunday, 19th July. the virtual world will represent the iconic final stage at its best. There will be short laps of the 4 mile circuit around the Arc de Triomphe.

Zwift developers make the France route as close as possible. The cycling fans might not be able to participate in the real world right now. But this virtual event will give a great demonstration and make the audiences feel like they’ve been there. If you are also expecting Tour de France, you could watch Virtual Tour de France to get you an appetizer.

Tune into the Zwift app so that you will get the most incredible sources of the event. Check if this service is available in your area or not.

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