How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Stream Online (Guide)

It is less than two weeks until we can see the moment of truths from the Rugby World Cup 2019. If you are an avid rugby fan, you will surely follow the actions from your favorite national rugby team.

rugby world cup 2019 live stream

In the 9th edition of this prestigious event, Japan is the host nation. The great event will kick off on September 20, 2019. Folks will have the festivity until November 2 when the final will take place.

If you want to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Online, then you have come to the right place.

Rugby World Cup 2019 info

Start Date:20 September 2019
End Date:4 November 2019
No. of nations‎:20 (93 qualifying)
Host nation:Japan
No. of Matches:48
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How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 live stream online

Chances are you have been fond of the idea that it is much better to catch up with the RWC 2019 actions through your favorite screen anywhere you want. The point here is that you don’t need to stick with the TV cable. In case you can’t make it to your living room because of work, or other activity, you still want to reserve the prevalent option to watch the event live online.

If you are like the other rugby fans, you might wonder how to stream the RWC 2019 on your chosen device. It is great to know that RWC is an international event. So, no matter where you live, you will always have the best option to pick.

How to watch the RWC 2019 based on the country you live

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Online in the USA

If you are living or traveling in the USA, you will want to use the NBC Sports to watch the coverage. The channel comes with such great quality of live streaming. It broadcasts all of the 48 matches including the grand finale. So, tuning into this channel from the beginning of the event to the end is a way to go. The NBC Sports requires your cable subscription.

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Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live in the UK

The good thing about folks in the UK is that they don’t have to pay anything to enjoy the festivity. ITV has reserved the right to broadcast the content in the UK. But here is the winning point. ITV Hub, the official live streaming service of the channel offers the users to live stream the show through the app. So, you can just download and install it on your device, and VOILA. The only catch of ITV Hub is that it comes with some ads. If you don’t mind them, you are good to go. But for some people, ads are troublesome. So, you’d probably like to upgrade your ITV Hub account to ITV Hub+. It costs 3.9 Euros per month. With it, you can enjoy watch Rugby World Cup 2019 live stream free without spending a single dime.

Live Stream 2019 Rugby World Cup in Canada

The official network to broadcast the RWC 2019 live online in Canada is TSN. TSN will do the coverage for all 48 matches of the RWC 2019. You will be able to use this option to catch up with the actions from the beginning to the end. It also comes with the TSN Direct, the live streaming option which you can attain without having to subscribe to the cable.

Live Stream 2019 Rugby World Cup in France

People in France shouldn’t worry since the officials have worked together well with the national sport channel. In this case, TF1 will be helming the broadcast system. It comes with on-demand and live streaming option to amp your experience up. If you are using smaller and more portable device, then you will want to switch to MYTF1. MYTF1 is the compact service which allows you to live stream the shows by TF1, including the upcoming RWC 2019. It can be a great option if you are mobile in France.

How to Watch RWC 2019 Live online in New Zealand

For those who are living or travelling in New Zealand, you could rest assured that the Spark Sport will be providing the full coverage of the entire event. The officials have confirmed that the Spark Sport will showcase all of the 48 matches to all folks in NZ.

If it is your first time, you don’t need to worry about the contract or so since there is none. The Spark Sport is much affordable. As a new user, you will grant the 30-day free trial. That means you can use the service without spending any money. It is also a great idea to watch the RWC 2019 in NZ for free. You just need to register at the right time so that you can fully use the 30-day free trial at your part.

How to Watch RWC 2019 Live online in Australia

Viewers in Australia can watch RWC 2019 through Channel Ten, Fox Sports and Kayo Sports. First things first, if you are an avid fan of rugby and want to catch all of the actions, and then you will want to use Fox Sports. Fox Sports will be broadcasting all of the 48 matches. Fox Sports is only available in the cable subscription, or live streaming services. You will need to pay to subscribe to the service.

Meanwhile, Ten Network appoints Channel Ten or TenPlay to deliver the content for free. It is a free-to-air option. You could also use the TenPlay to watch while on the go. The only catch is that this network only broadcasts 10 matches including five matches of the Wallabies. It is also a great option if you are following the respective team.

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How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 without cable

The catch about the options we mentioned is that they are available on cable subscription. If you have cut the cord, then the only option available for you is the live streaming service.

The method is simple and straightforward. You just need to pinpoint one channel which broadcasts all of the 48 matches, pick the live streaming service, and use VPN if you are experiencing the blackout. We will break down the method below.


Fubo TV has been popular amongst the sport lovers. The live streaming service itself focuses on providing the sport contents. It includes the NBC Sports as well as ESPN in many markets. With only forty bucks per month, you will be able to enjoy dozens of channels including ones which broadcast the Rugby World Cup 2019. The free trial is 7 days. If you have never used this live streaming service before, it is a great idea to use the free trial to watch the games for free without paying a single dime. There are 30 hours DVR included in the package in case you are missing some games.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great service for budget conscious folks. If you are not eager to break your bank to watch RWC 2019, you could opt to use Sling TV instead. It offers three bundles: Orange, Blues, and Orange + Blue. The single package costs $25 per month. But if you pick Orange + Blue, you will only need to pay $40. You can save up to $10 from this. Did we mention that it comes with 7-days free trial? Yes, indeed. You can use it for watching RWC 2019 for free.

Hulu TV

Hulu TV or Hulu with Live TV offers five dozens of channels for only forty bucks. You can register as a new user to use its free 7-day trial too. If timed right, you can watch the specific matches you are expecting before the free trial period is over. Hulu with Live TV comes in many compatible devices as well.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a prevalent choice for those who are fond of Google creation. If you have been using YouTube for a while, you will realize that the interface does resemble the video hosting site. But YouTube TV offers much different functions. As the name suggests, it offers you the TV coverage through the internet. The officials have confirmed that you can use the YouTube TV to enjoy all of the 48 matches of RWC 2019. As mentioned, the key here is to focus on the official channel that broadcast the event from the start to the end.


AT&T TV Now, formerly known as DirecTV Now offers various channels in its various packages. But even with the lowest tiered package which only costs $40 per month, you will be able to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 without any hassle. As expected the new users can leverage the free 7-day trial to enjoy the service without paying a single dime. Consider using the free trial program and cancel the subscription if you want to move to another option. The good news is that there is no contract involved in the usage. AT&T TV Now is compatible with various devices.

How to Watch RWC 2019 live from anywhere?

The live streaming options that we mentioned above have the strict geo-restriction rules. That means when you are out of the country, you might experience the blackout.

If you have heard about VPN or been using it for a while, then everything will get much easier. Connect to the specific server with the VPN, and you will be able to unlock the restriction.

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