How to Watch NFL live Stream Online 2021

Are you an avid football fan? If you are, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch the entire events and follow up your favorite teams on your screen. After reading this post, you will surely know how to watch NFL live stream online 2021.

nfl 2021 live stream
DurationSeptember 9, 2021 – January 9, 2022
Live StreamWatch Here Free
TV CoverageCBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN
Super Bowl (Final)February 13, 2022

When does 2021 NFL season start?

Folks across the country have been anticipating the 102nd edition of one of the best sports spectacles this year. The National Football League is an evergreen spectacle. This starts from September 9, 2021 – January 9, 2022 The date is around the corner. So, you will want to reserve your NFL live streaming option now!

NFL TV Coverage or Channels

Since 2014, the NFL TV Coverage or channels have been working with five major channels namely CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, as well as NFL Network. The games will be revolving around these channels. It is pivotal to check on the full schedule and tune into the proper channel to follow the actions from your favorite team.

NFL Live streaming Official Channels

Here are the descriptions of the official channels.202

Fox Sports Go

For the cable or satellite subscriber, you are able to watch the NFL games through FOX.

Keep in mind that FOX Sports usually broadcast the local game. To live stream, you will need to sign in with your TV credentials.

The Fox Sports go app offers you the mobility while following the event. Whether you are watching the NFL games through your PC, Smartphone, tablet, or other types of streaming device, you are good to go.


Those who want to focus only on CBS could pick Paramount+ .CBS holds important role in broadcasting local games across the devices all season long. You just need to sign into the CBS All Access account with your compatible device. Then you could select the live TV, then select the game and just start watching. Watching your favorite NFL events has never been this easier before.

It is a monthly subscription which comes with friendly prices as well. The Monthly price is $5.99 for limited commercials plan. Meanwhile, the commercial Free costs you $9.99 per month.

If you are okay with the ads, you could use the Limited Commercial plan to watch the NFL games for only six bucks per month. It is pretty a great deal.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is the channel you’d like to tune into when you follow Sunday Night Football by using your cable subscription. NBC sports allow the live streaming users to access the content in HD quality.

Simply open your browser and visit the official site of Then you just need to hover your mouse to the “Live” section. And that’s it. If you prefer to watch the event while on the go, consider to install the NBC Sports app on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Then you just need to launch the app, login using your credentials, and watch.


WatchESPN is a live streaming service that allows you to watch Monday Night Football live on your PC, smart phones, tablets, as well as TV-connected devices. You will need to use your Pay TV subscription to use this service. Use your browser to watch the games through or download the ESPN app and install it on your mobile devices to watch the spectacle while on the go.

It is free to use the app to stream the games. Use your TV credentials to get access.

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket, as the name suggests, covers the Sunday afternoon event. It is available on DIRECTV which is the sole way to follow every live out-of-the-market game. If you are free every Sunday afternoon, you will want to tune in to this option to watch your favorite team in action. However, the officials do not include the international games here.

NFL RedZone

The Sunday Afternoons touchdown is the meat of this channel. With the NFL RedZone, the officials are making sure that you will never miss every great moment in the spectacle.

NFL Network

NFL Network presents over 200 NFL games including the Preseason games, TNF game, and many more. If you are an avid fan of the football sport, you will want to stick with it.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a prevalent choice for those who want to follow the out-of-market preseason games and replays. Every game of the season is available in NFL Game Pass.

How to Watch NFL Online Without Cable

If you are like many other fans, you might agree that watching the football matches shouldn’t come hefty. Many people have cut the cord because it is expensive to subscribe to conventional TV or Satellite. You might have seen this as a matter also. By cutting the cord, the option left for you is by live streaming it online.


Now it is possible to watch most of the NFL games online without any hassle. The NFL telecasts will air on the CBS, NBC, ESPN and FOX. CBS holds responsibility to stream AFC teams matches. Meanwhile, FOX will be on the NFC teams matches.

FuboTV is by far arguably the best live streaming choice to follow the NFL games. In its package, it includes CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN as well as NFL Network.

FuboTV will get you the Thursday Night Football, local Sunday Afternoon matches, as well as football night matches in the US. In the basic Fubo package, you will not find the NFL RedZone. If you need it, you can add it to your current package for nine bucks a month.

Although it does not offer major channels in every market, it has local’s events in many markets.

Hulu Live TV

Gone are the days when people only recognized Hulu for its on-demand streaming service. Now the sport lovers who have cut the cord can rely on Hulu Live TV for watching their favorite shows including the NFL season 2021. Attaining the subscription of Hulu Live Tv grants you the spot to enjoy the locals on FOX, NBC, as well as CBS networks. It does the coverage in most of the areas of the country.

With this subscription, you will be able to follow all the home teams games.

Hulu Live TV is often a great alternative because it offers ESPN. If you want to add Monday Night Football in your wish list, Hulu Live TV is indeed a prevalent choice for you. It also includes the NBC which will showcase the SNF events.

Meanwhile, you could tune in to the respective FOX to watch every Thursday Night Game for the week 2 and week 3.

In this option, the NFL Network does not exist. Hulu allows you to follow the team in the TV market on FOX, NBC, or CBS. The point is that you will be missing only four national events. If it is okay for you, you have the green light to proceed with this option.

Hulu with Live TV comes with 1-week free trial which you can use to assess the service while you can watch some matches for free without spending a single dime.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV can be the best option to watch major games of NFL in some markets. It includes the EPSN, local CBS, FOX, as well as NBC in most markets.

Youtube TV is not questionable. If you have been using YouTube platform for a while now, it will sound so familiar for you to use the service. It allows the users to use the service at three different devices at the same time. The good thing here is that you don’t need to face the disputes with the other family members over the channel to tune into.

Using YouTube TV live streaming option also grants you to the Cloud DVR service which you can use to record the games you are missing. It only costs $45 per month to enjoy the fantastic service. And if you are in the middle of the decisions, you could try its free trial to assess the service and consider it.

Sling TV

Sling TV is by far the cheapest option you can find on our list. It offers most major channels coverages of the NFL games. It is also a great option for those who consider NFL Network as one of the staples.

Sling TV is the right choice to watch NFL games in many markets. However, the markets are not as many as Hulu offers.

There is another thing to note. The Sling Orange Package offers ESPN. While the other channels including NFL Network are available in the Blue Package. So, if you want to get the most of the NFL festivity, then you could purchase both of them. Each package is $25 per month. But if you combine Sling Blue and Orange, it will only cost $40 per month.

Not only that you will be able to save 10 bucks per month, but the provider also grants you with the Monday and Thursday Night Football games through the ESPN and NFL Network. Even much better. You don’t need to use cable TV or Satellite subscription to enjoy these services.

You can sign up to the Sling TV without any hassle. Or, you could use its 7-day free trial to assess the service from scratches. With the help of the free trial offer, you will also be able to watch some NFL games for free, without spending a single dime. If you are focusing on select markets, you’d like to use the Sling Blue instead since it includes FOX and NBC.

Free Options to Watch NFL Games Live Online

Watching the NFL Games online has been the casual situation for all the cord cutters. We have mentioned dozens of options above. You can either use your TV credentials to use live streaming options, or use one of the popular live streaming options to watch the NFL games without cable subscription.

The thing here is that many people are in the middle between free and paid options. If you are looking for free options, we surely say that there is no official way to watch NFL games for completely free. But you can do a trick or two, which is a legal way to watch NFL Games for free. You could make use of the free trial options offered by the top live streaming services like Fubotv, Sling TV, Hulu, and so on.

Keep in mind; however, these free trials are only eligible for the new users of the services. If you have existing account, you won’t be able to do this trick unless you register again with a different name.

Streaming NFL Football via Apps

Here are the official apps of the channels in which you can watch the NFL Games:

  • NFL App
  • NBC Sports App
  • Fox Sports Go App
  • Amazon Prime Video App
  • WatchESPN App
  • CBS All Access App
  • Yahoo Sports App

How to Watch American Football Night Live Online

Here is the complete American Football Night Live Online guide:

Watch Monday Night Football

You could tune in to ESPN to watch Monday Night Football. It is available on various devices. You can either use your browser to visit or your mobile device to get the access of ESPN app.

Watch Sunday Night Football

NBC TV will be coverage Sunday Night Football all games 2021. So you have to cable subscription of NBC Sports

If you want to watch Sunday Night Football live online without cable? Here FuboTV is the best option for you.

Watch Thrusday Night Football

You can watch Thursday Night Football live online from several streaming options.

How to Watch NFL Games live Online from Anywhere

If you are outside the US, NFL Game Pass will be the best option to watch NFL games for you. While the NFL games live are only available in certain areas, the on-demand service is available everywhere.

Besides the NFL game pass, you could also use DAZN if you are in Canada or other countries which convey the DAZN service.

If you want to watch NFL live online from anywhere. Just, You need best quality VPN to change your current IP/Location to USA Server and Fubo TV 7 days free streaming access.

We have shared plenty live streaming options above. Now, you have many options to consider watching your expected NFL games from your favorite screen. Take your time to browse around, but don’t take it too long! Reserve your option ASAP so that you won’t miss the game you want to watch.

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