New Smartwatch help for make More Smarter with Active Lifestyle

Smartwatches are making our lives smarter just like them. There are various ways this is made possible and in this article I am talking about them. It is true that you do not have to own one for your life to be healthy, even before they were invented life was still going on and those who were interested in healthy living managed to go through it. But now we cannot deny the fact that they are here and unless they are replaced with something stronger, they are not leaving. Now let’s look at the ways smartwatches are making your life smarter. Some smart watch design with special features with special modern look for maintains smart lifestyle. Some are called diplomatic smartwatch which are come from military perspective, Special all in one design for anyone.

diplomatic smartwatch

Receiving calls

Is the smartwatch here to replace phones? Absolutely not, but with a little bit of improvement, I will not be shocked because if they have the ability to answer calls it means they can be upgraded to do what a phone can do. A smartwatch is making your life smarter by ensuring that important calls do not go unanswered. Have you ever missed a call from a potential employer during a time when you are looking for a job? Now you do not have to go through that again or your friend. They can be digitalized because a smartwatch is not a burden. You do not need a handbag to carry it around as long as you have a wrist.

Healthy living

Something I realized lately is even the plump people we see on the streets some of them are not happy and confident with their bodies. They have tried so much to lose some weight but it is not possible due to some complications or other factors. So I wouldn’t be lying to say at least 70% of the world’s population would like to have beautiful bodies. Now, for those who are doing exercises and even those who are watching their bodies’ calories without exercising, a smartwatch will make it easier. This is because smartwatches are installed with heart rate sensors to track how you can manage stress, step sensors, and also apps to measure your body calories. Therefore, with all these features at your disposal, how can you fail to monitor your body and have a good life?


Let’s say you are driving or riding a bike and wherever you are, you need to use a GPS in order to navigate to your destination. It is so hard to keep looking at your phone’s map and concentrating on the road at the same time. So to avoid the possibility of causing accidents, smartwatches have built-in GPS features that are easy to use without having to stop and check, all you have to do is take a glance at your wrist and you are all set. It is cumbersome and outdated to go around asking for directions. Actually, the presence of GPS is what has made this habit seem outdated.


With the ability to show you notifications from your social media accounts, smartwatches are ensuring that not information passes you as you concentrate on other activities. The reaction after seeing the notification depends on you and how important it is. You do not have to keep on checking your social media accounts after every one hour or two to see what is trending or who has contacted you. Just wait for a notification and then react accordingly. It is a world of connectivity and you also need to stay connected at all times.

Apart from a smartwatch making your life smarter, you can also make your smartwatch smarter. Reciprocate the good deeds back to it. Here is how that is possible.


A smartwatch will only show you notifications that you have, but you cannot reply to them from your watch, for this you will need your phone. Fluenty keeps record of the reponses you use most often and is just waiting for you to click the smart reply options so that it can generate them. This feature is however limited to Google Hangouts, SMS, Facebook messenger and whatsapp


Because the screen display is not large enough to play a game, gaming might be excluded from your idea and you only think about listening to music because that is the only entertaining feature you have. Papercraft is an easy to play game requiring you to control a paper-made spaceship. It sounds weird but it is entertaining unless you are not into gaming.

7-minutes workout

The biggest advantage is that it does not require internet connection. In just seven minutes, you get to exercise using the instructions given to you from the smartwatch. To make it more fun and easy to understand, they have incorporated the use of animated characters to show you how to do the exercise and also spoken instructions. Did you know your smartwatch can do all that? It stores your workout data Apple health app, you can always refer.


This provides your smartwatch not only with a calculator but also a tip calculator and convertor. You can compute and convert weight and heights easily from your smartwatch and keep your phone intact and its bulkiness away for some time.

The first two ways to make your smartwatch even smarter, that is, fluenty and papercraft are available for androids while the last two are for the apple version. Now that it is possible for you to have such a beautiful experience from your smartwatch, what can hold you back from going for the best? The more quality it is the better the experience and your life becomes smarter without a smartphone. If there could be something else to replace mobile phones, that thing will be smartwatches because they are less cumbersome and are fashionable. They can be used to complement your dressing code.

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