Fiji Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Coverage and Live Stream Guide

Rugby World Cup 2019 will be one of the most crucial events for the sports lovers in Fiji country. Whether you are living or traveling in the Fiji, this guide is just the right one for you. You can stop seeking and look at our guide instead.

Fiji Rugby World Cup 2019 Live

Fiji Rugby World Cup 2019

Fiji nation team is amongst the 20 qualified teams for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2019. the ninth edition of the event is taking place in Japan from 20 September to 2 November. For those who cannot root for their favorite team in Japan soil, you can root for Fiji nation team in the country instead.

Fiji Rugby World Cup Fixtures 2019

  • Sat 21 Sep Australia vs Fiji (Sapporo)
  • Wed 25 Sep Fiji vs Uruguay (Kamaishi)
  • Thu 3 Oct Georgia vs Fiji (Osaka)
  • Wed 9 Oct Wales vs Fiji (Oita)

Fiji Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Channel & Coverage

Fiji TV or known as FTV is the main TV network in Fiji country. It has been operating for the public since 1994. the decades of services have brought it to crown itself as the main broadcasting right holder of Rugby World Cup 2019. at its early time, it was temporarily airing in October 1991 to broadcast the Rugby World Cup and other prevalent sport contents. Then the contracts were absolute in 2000 for 12 years.

The Fiji TV develops the premier free-to-view channel Fiji One. Then the pay TV service Sky Pacific was acquired by the Digicel back then in 2016.if you are in Fiji country, you cannot go wrong to tune into the Fiji TV to watch Rugby World Cup 2019.

How to Live Stream Rugby World Cup 2019 in Fiji

It is also possible to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Fiji while you are mobile or outside. TV device is not the only thing you need to catch up with all of the 48 matches in the Rugby World Cup 2019 competition.

Fiji TV comes with live streaming option as well. Fiji One official live streaming site confirmed to be official live streaming site of Fiji TV. As mentioned, Fiji TV is free-to-view option. You won’t need to spend a single dime to enjoy this service. But before proceeding, consider to check on your internet connection and device compatibility first.

If you are not sure, you could take a look at the information posted on its official site.

Live Fiji TV can be obtained from the official site – Then you just need to find the live TV broadcast button to watch all of the 48 matches in Rugby World Cup 2019.

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