2020 Summer Olympics: Dates, Mascot, Location and TV rights

It is already 2020 and it is soon time to celebrate the Summer Olympics. This is one of the major international multi-sport events which will take place in the middle of this year.

2020 Summer Olympics

As an annual sports event, a lot people and athletes have been expecting to take part in this event. The host country for the Olympic Games is different each time, and of course, the appointed country had to make preparations in advance. Although there is a worldwide epidemic of CoronaVirus, COVID-19, let’s hope that it would end soon. There have been several remarkable delays from movie premieres due to this outbreak, while there’s still no further notification regarding the Olympics.

The 2020 summer Olympics have been scheduled to take place in Tokyo on 24th July until 9th August. This also marks Tokyo as the first Asian city to be the host for Olympics the second time. There are some additions to the sports that are included in this upcoming Olympics. You would be excited to see Madison Cycling, Freestyle BMS, 3 vs 3 Basketball, and some other new sports categories. This is the first time in the Olympics to have additional sports added into the game. While there are some sports which make their debut in this year’s Olympics like climbing, karate, and surfing. It is said that there will be comebacks of two sports: baseball and softball, after their leaving the Olympics back in 2008.

The mascot for this year’s Olympics is Miraitowa, a feline like creature with superpower. The design process was thorough and the final vote was made by Japan’s elementary school students. Miraitowa with its futuristic design quickly catches everyone’s attention. In addition, Toyota collaborated with the event and made the robotic version of the mascot. The prototype was introduced in the 2019 event, and it quickly became popular even though it only can change the eye display and move by remote control. So far, the mascot is expected to help the host country financing the sports event. The budgeting plan has been made, but according to the committee, the actual funds needed could be three times the original plan.

As one of the world’s major sports events, the 2020 Olympics would be available on TV broadcast all around the world. The official broadcaster would be different for each country, but there should be an announcement from the 2020 Olympics Committee beforehand. The live show might only include the official broadcasters only, however, the streaming services should be available on local providers later on. For the live streaming services, you need a subscription from the provider before you can watch on your device. Make sure to get the list of official broadcasters in your country before the 2020 Olympics starts.

Are you ready to watch the biggest international sports event in 2020? Make sure not to miss the live broadcast and support your country to win the medals. Be prepared for Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 and be the first to know the results!

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